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Joana Guerreiro

Joana Guerreiro

Governor, Banco Santander Totta

Joana Guerreiro holds a degree in economics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and a specialization and postgraduate degree in financial markets. From 1996 until 2007, Joana was portfolio manager at Caixa Geral de Depósitos, managing the bank's own portfolio, being responsible for the corporate credit portfolio and for the analysis and selection of investments in third-party vehicles and hedge funds. At Banco Santander in Portugal, she was involved in Santander Asset Management, as senior portfolio manager for fixed income funds and as commercial and product director. In 2014 she became the head of funding and since 2019, she has been responsible for financial markets. Her mandate includes the structural treasury management of the bank, management of the group's subsidiaries in Portugal and head of funding, which is integrated in financial and capital management of the bank in Portugal.